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Feature Screenshots

Before you are actually downloading new software you are probably interested in how it looks like to get a first impression of it and to see if it is even worth downloading.

On this page we want to show you some screenshots which point out some - but maybe not all - features.

We provide screenshots of different versions of TSEP which have been implemented into a page layout as well (as some of) the other screens an administrator of a website will see when working with TSEP.

To open a screenshot in a new browser window, right-click on the small picture and select Open Link in New Window, or Shift+Click in Internet Explorer.

If you are using TSEP on your site and want to find it in the Action Screenshots area: Please let us know and contact us.

1.0 Screenshots


Login screen.


Home screen.

0.942 Screenshots

TSEP (v0942) Admins overview

We have created a new screen for you the administrator. From this screen you have immediate access to all important links in your TSEP installation. You also get a description of what you find at the links. Do we need to mention, that this overview is available in multiple languages as well?

TSEP (v0942) Nice new setup tool

Here you see the brand new and very nicely designed Setup. From now on it''s much easier to install TSEP or install a new version (upgrade). This Setup is, as you can see split into several steps which make it very easy to avoid and track down problems. Also the administrator should not be scared away by to much information at once.

TSEP (v0942) Setup step 2 context help

This is the second step of the setup. As you can see we have introduced little help icons (i). Whenever you hover them (move your mouse over such a symbol) the help pops up and explains what you need to enter in the field of the form.

0.941 Screenshots

TSEP (v0941) Logview w. filter

Logview has been improved in version 0941. We have implemented a great filtering mechanism. The complete log which can be seen on the logview page is now always filtered. The administrator can set many different filter options.

TSEP (v0941) Logstats

In this screenshot you see the log statistics. This feature was introduced in version 0941. The admin can see many statistical details concerning the log. For example how often a search term has been searched etc.

0.938 Screenshots

TSEP (v0938) Configuration open

In this version (0.938) there have been big changes - again!

Here you see the configuration window. All groups (new) are opened. This should provide easier access to areas which you most certainly do not need to access often.

Of course the groups remember if you closed them of left them open.

In the following picture you see the configuration with all groups closed

TSEP (v0938) Configuration closed

You see the configuration with all groups closed

TSEP (v0938) Indexing profiles in the indexer

We have introduced "indexing profiles" - This enables you to save different indexing settings. All should be pretty simple as it it handled directly from the indexer.

TSEP (v0938) Indexedit

The indexedit as you know it has been removed. Now the user can edit only from the indexoverview. You see the edit section in which now also the indexingprofiles a page belongs to are shown. You can see you can now also protect a page from being indexed again - this way you can make changes to the page index without loosing it!

TSEP (v0938) Indexoverview

This is the indexoverview. Now you can sort by page title, page url and by "page protected". Also new is that you can click on the page title. This will open the indexedit for that page, if you click on the URL the page itself will open.

TSEP (v0938) Stopwords comma seperated

Just a little something for the stopwords. You can enter multiple stopwords at once now, seperated by comma.

0.931 Screenshots

TSEP (v0931) Indexer

In this version (0.931) there have been big changes in the indexer: 
We can now make use of spidering tools like PHPCrawl (also open source)! This makes it possible for TSEP to follow URLs in your files.
You can also decide which files should be indexed by easily entering the fileextensions in the indexer. PHPCrawl

TSEP (v0931) Files to be indexed

Also new in this this version a preview of the files which will be indexed (by the TSEP mode or spidering or both combined)

TSEP (v0931) Files not matching extension

You also see in the preview which files are not indexed because they do not match the fileextensions you entered

TSEP (v0931) Directories excluded

And which directories / files are not included because of your directory / file exclusions

0.912 Screenshots

TSEP (v0912) Configuration

This is the in version 0.912 introduced configuration. All configuration except database setup are stored directly in the database and can nicely be configured in this setup. Also notice: At the bottom of the page the number of possible results the user wants to have displayed on one page can be set now.

0.911 Screenshots

TSEP 0.911

Admin: The in 0.911 introduced logging feature: It can be logged what the user is searching for (search terms), the links he clicked on in the results as well as IP address. Time is always logged. Logging can be disabled completly or in part(s) and it can be sorted easily by the admin.

TSEP 0.911

Admin, new version of the index editing overview. Nice rollover now.

TSEP 0.911

Admin: The indexer is showing the help now directly underneath the textareas - if the user moved his mouse to the help link.

TSEP 0.911

Admin: The stopwords have nice rollovers now as well.

0.910 Screenshots

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

The results are sorted by number of hits on them (right of the page title "13x gefunden"), ranks can be shown (left of page title). The admin can let TSEP also show characters or even graphics for the number of hits on a page (here disable, but shown below for comparison). If allowed the user can change the number of results he wishes to see on one page.

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

This shows the same results as in the picture above but in the pre-made search page.

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

Same as before but with rang symbols visible

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

Admin: Because we were asked how someone can edit the index afterwards we created a possibility. This is the index overview where you can quickly search the page you want to change. Simply click on a page number, title or url to open the pages details for editing. Also notice that on top a "Last Index Editing" date is shown now.

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

Admin: This shows where you get when you click on a link to a page in the above picture. You get the indexedit page with this record only.

TSEP Screenshot (v0910)

Admin: You can also open the indexediting detailed - this shows an admin defined number of page details at once. You are also able to add a complete new page (and details) - green area.

0.908 Screenshots

TSEP Screenshot: nothing searched yet

Nothing searched yet

TSEP Screenshot: searched for 1 word

Searched for one word

TSEP Screenshot: 2 searchwords

Searched for 2 words

TSEP Screenshot: 3 searchwords

Searched for 3 words

TSEP Screenshot: searchtipps

Some help for the user

TSEP Screenshot: stopword was searched

User searched for admin defined stop word.

TSEP Screenshot: Create a new index of your site

Admin: Create a new index.

TSEP Screenshot: New Index has been created

Admin: New Index has been created.

TSEP Screenshot: Show indexed words

Admin: The complete index.

TSEP Screenshot: Define stopwords

Admin: Define your stopwords.