TSEP - The Search Engine Project


TSEP.INFO and TSEP.ORG will shut down on 2018-10-30! TSEP will be available afterwards on it's  sourceforge page.

You can buy the TSEP.INFO and TSEP.ORG domains cheap now!

Please use the contact form or go to https://datenbank-projekt.de and contact me from there.


The following languages are included already:

  • FlagUS  / FlagUK  English
  • FlagGerman  German
  • Flag $tsep_web_lng[''website_Localization_French'']; French
  • FlagPortuguese (Brazil)  Portuguese (Brazil)
  • FlagSpanish  Spanish
  • FlagDanish  Danish
  • FlagDutch  Dutch
  • FlagFinnish  Finnish (needs updating)
  • FlagItalian  Italian (needs updating)
  • FlagPolish  Polish (needs updating)
  • FlagPortuguese  Portuguese (needs updating)
  • FlagRussian  Russian (needs updating)
  • FlagSwedish  Swedish (needs updating)
  • FlagTurkish  Turkish (needs updating)

Your language is missing or needs to be updated? Help us! We are sure TSEP is a great product and that many more people could enjoy it if it would be available in their own language.

To translate TSEP into another language, please see our wiki article on translating our product.


If you would like to donate money to TSEP, click here.

Contributing Code

To contribute your own code to TSEP, please fork either tsep/tsep1 or tsep/tsep2, then send us a pull request with your changes.


If you want to help in any way (translation, webdesign, programming etc): Please let us know and contact us.

At this time we are looking specifically for:

  • Translators
  • PHP developers

RSS feeds & Newsletter

These newsfeeds help you to be always up-to-date about TSEP.


We use GitHub to manage bugs, change requests, and feature requests. You have to create a personal account to issue new items.

We two trackers available: