TSEP - The Search Engine Project


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Please use the contact form or go to https://datenbank-projekt.de and contact me from there.


Do not send email directly to us asking for help! Please understand, that there are quite a few people now using TSEP and that it is a lot of work to do the support. For this reason please use the forum to ask for help. This will give other users the chance to contribute to your problem as well as to learn from it.

Post your question to the forum, and if needed we will ask you to email us.

There is one exeption for which we ask you to email us directly: A security related issue or problem. If you have found any bug which could compromise the security of TSEP, do not hesitate and email us right away.

You really need and want to contact us directly? Please use this form.

Ung├╝ltiger Sicherheitscode


Here are some developers that pushed TSEP quite a lot:

Special thanks to:

If you want to join the team and help to improve TSEP, please get in touch with us.

Our policy for people to show up in the member list on Sourceforge is the following:

We will not add any developer to the developer list in TSEP until we have received some work which will be implemented in the official TSEP version. We will also add someone only if he want''s to stay with the project and not sees it as a onetime project.

Legal info

Please respect privacy! This information is here only because we are forced by German law!

TSEP project administrator:

Olaf Nöhring 
Zum Scheider Feld 1a 
51467 Bergisch Gladbach 
Telefon 02202-2519848
info /\@/\ datenbank-projekt.de